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Site Visits

4 June 2014, Wednesday
3.00pm – 6.00pm
Ticket Price: $50.00 per person

(Subject to availability)

The site visits will highlight perspectives on how waste management policies and ideas can be implemented successfully. Various organisations will host the visitors and give insights behind the waste management implementation. Pre-registration is required for these behind-the-scene visits, and spaces are limited.


- Integrated Solid Waste Management
Site Visit: Keppel Seghers Tuas Waste to Energy Plant

Keppel Seghers Tuas WTE Plant is Singapore's fifth incineration plant built.

Developed by Keppel Seghers in 2006 and operational since October 2009, it is the first in Singapore to showcase WTE technology from a Singapore company. Built on a land space of only 1.6 hectares, the Keppel Seghers Tuas WTE Plant is one of the most compact WTE facilities in the world.

The plant is equipped with two incinerator-boiler units with one condensing turbine-generator. Incorporating Keppel Seghers' in-house technologies such as the air-cooled grate and flue gas cleaning system, the plant is able to treat 800 tonnes of solid waste daily to generate about 22MW of green energy.


- Plastic Recycling Technology Showcase

Site Visit: Eveready Manufacturing

Eveready Manufacturing Pte Ltd was established in 1978 and today, is one of the largest plastic processing companies in Singapore. It's primary business is in plastic recycling and compounding, supplying both commodity and engineering plastic resins worldwide.

Eveready Manufacturing Pte Ltd has the expertise and know-how to process different types, shapes and sizes of post-industrial and consumer wastes into resins. It's factories are equipped with a complete range of facilities to process up to 1,000 tonnes of resins per month. One of their latest developments is the NIRSort™ Automated Sorting System. This system is designed to sort plastic materials from a single waste stream into 3 different outputs up to 4 tonnes per hour.


- Construction and Demolition Waste Management Showcase

Site Visit: Samwoh Corporation Pte Ltd

For years, Samwoh has been investing heavily in green business. The Group has two integrated construction wastes recovery facilities in Sarimbun Recycling Park. The principal function of these facilities is to recycle demolished concretes and other wastes from the construction industry. The recycled aggregates are used in road construction, as well as to replace natural aggregates in concrete.

The latest addition to the company's recycling facilities is the Samwoh Eco-Green Park, which consists of the Samwoh Eco-Green building constructed with recycled concrete aggregate, an asphalt recycling plant that can recycle asphalt pavement waste and a ready mixed concrete plant capable of producing Eco-concrete.


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