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Site Visits

- Integrated Solid Waste Management

Tour 1: Tuas South Incineration Plant (TSIP)

In land-scarce Singapore, the amount of refuse generated daily demands a highly efficient system of management. Incineration reduces the volume of waste substantially, by as much as 90%. Sited on 10.5 ha of reclaimed land, the Tuas South Incineration Plant (TSIP) is the fourth and largest refuse incineration plant in Singapore, designed to incinerate 3,000 tonnes of refuse daily. Built with state-of-the-art technology, the plant's various processes are highly automated and controlled via a Digital Control System, ensuring a high level of efficiency and reliability.


- Plastic Recycling Technology Showcase

Tour 2: Eveready Manufacturing

Eveready Manufacturing Pte Ltd was established in 1978 and today, is one of the largest plastic processing companies in Singapore. Its primary business is in plastic recycling and compounding, supplying both commodity and engineering plastic resins worldwide. Eveready Manufacturing Pte Ltd has the expertise and know-how to process different types, forms, shapes and sizes of post-industrial plastic wastes into resins. Its factories are equipped with a complete range of facilities to process up to 1,000 tonnes of resins per month. It has the most complete and modernized Quality Control Testing Equipment among the recyclers in Asia.


- Construction and Demolition Waste Management Showcase

Tour 3: Samwoh Corporation Pte Ltd

Samwoh Group of Companies is a leading integrated construction company and green construction materials supplier where we have invested heavily on recycling facilities to process construction and industrial wastes for re-utilization in the construction industry. One of the developments is the Samwoh Eco-Green Park which comprises three green premises, namely:
  1. Samwoh Eco-Green Building - the first building in this region to be constructed using concrete with up to 100% of recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) derived from construction and demolition waste
  2. Asphalt recycling plant - which employs state-of-the-art technology to recycle asphalt pavement waste
  3. Ready mixed concrete plant - Equipped with recycling capabilities to produce eco-concrete that contains recycled materials and to separate fresh waste concrete into aggregate and cement slurry